Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Dog That Saved stewart Coolidge, by Jim Kraus


Hubert doesn't always know where his next meal will come from. Stealing rawhide bones from the Tops Super Market seems to be the answer; even after storing up a few under the rug at his newly found hideout.

Stewart has been ordered by Mr. Arden, his boss, to catch that four-legged bandit before someone complains to the health department about a dog shoplifting at the supermarket. The problem was, Stewart didn't want to catch the dog because he was already harboring the canine criminal at his apartment.

Jim Kraus has become my favorite Christian auther. He does an excellent job at entwining the lives Stewart, and his neighbor Lisa through the antics and subtle actions of a dog that knows there is only peace and security in living in a pack. Stewart and Lisa need each other and it up to Hubert to make it happen. After all, it is God's master plan for the three of them.